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KOGTA PARADISE is beautifully designed Banquet Hotel, which will have ultra-modern facilities and an aura of richness. The hotel is destined to become a landmark for aficionados of luxury and excellent dining...

The entire property is VRV-based air-conditioned, and secured with fire-fighting measures, featuring two 8-passenger lifts, a swimming pool, a servant/driver cottage, a large kitchen/storage/spare room, and parking for both inside (12-15 cars) and outside (40-45 cars).

Kogta Group

  • 70 rooms

    61 rooms with single bed occupancy

    6 rooms with triple bed occupancy

    3 rooms with double bed occupancy

  • 2 banquets

    1st banquet size - 5500 sqft

    2nd banquet size - 5000 sqft

  • 35,000 sqft marriage garden

Kogta Paradise