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KOGTA PARADISE is beautifully designed Banquet Hotel, which will have ultra-modern facilities and an aura of richness. The hotel is destined to become a landmark for aficionados of luxury and excellent dining.

The entire property is VRV-based air-conditioned, and secured with fire-fighting measures, featuring two 8-passenger lifts, a swimming pool, a servant/driver cottage, a large kitchen/storage/spare room, and parking for both inside (12-15 cars) and outside (40-45 cars).

KOGTA PARADISE boasts spacious, well decorated rooms and suites that cater to both business and leisure travellers. Your business conferences and other special occasions will be remembered thanks to our extensive, state-of-the-art banqueting facilities.

Every year, we will invest all of our revenues in improving the quality and facilities of our hotels, and we are extremely conscientious about the overall maintenance and cleaning standards in all of our properties.

We look forward to a future that allows us to achieve higher levels of recognition, and your support has been a huge source of inspiration for us on this never-ending and satisfying path.